STN Blog #12: Never a Deadline.

Featured STN Update - 003

I wrote last Friday that I would have a re-draft completed by Monday. That didn’t happen. In fact, nine days later, I’m through the first Act. Most of the tweeks have to do with the dialogue of the “heavier” scenes, trying to strike a balance between the action and doing it in a way that hasn’t been seen before. I’m feeling good about it. STN is really starting to tighten up.

Something that’s been a hard lesson learned (and re-learned) is that my creativity and creative works come when they’re ready. And not a minute before. As much as I worry about my ever-upward age and the window of time I have to contribute, I can write (mostly) only when I’m in a zone for it (and in between being a husband, father, full-time psychologist, and relaxation). The words almost have to be busting at my mental-seams before they can be transcribed. This makes for less prolific output, but hopefully improves the quality of what manages to get out.

So giving myself grace, to get it done thoughtfully.

Talk soon,