STN Blog #9: The Best Part?

Christopher Bibby 2

Rehearsals have to be a main reason most of us do shows: a chance to meet new people, explore new characters and situations, create something unique together, and hopefully have some fun.

Last night’s rehearsal was a kick. The focus was the finale, blocking starting to take shape, actors trying out different choices, and steadily finding our rhythm. I can see glimpses of the show this will become. If you like farces (that say a little something), witty banter and physical humor, you’ve come to right place.

Robert McKee said that you can have the greatest script written by man, but if you’re climax falls flat, you’re toast. This finale has some nice moments, but it needs more smoothing. Though I want the characters to learn, it can’t be too squishy and sweet. Though I want them all to have their moment, but I don’t want to become The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: Recurrence of the Dénouement: Testing of the Patience: End of the Movie (Coda of the Film…).

More to come…