STN Blog #13: That Scene

Christopher Bibby 2

I’ve spent the last month re-drafting Act II. I thought it would be simpler than Act I because everyone’s established, I know the arcs, etc. Wrong.

It was harder because while the elements were there, the rhythm was not nor a balance in our dénouement. We have a large cast (18) and a good many of them contribute to where this story ends. The last draft was windy, clunky and a bit forced.

The hardest part, though, was a scene at the heart of the story. The reason is it’s an important scene but probably a scene you’ve seen before. The challenge was to make it unique, realistic, and have some flow. The characters need to say certain things, but they can’t be set up or you’ll know what they’re going to say before the even start. The key was adding an existential edge.

I saw it last night in rehearsals, and I’m thrilled. Instead of cringing, I was drawn in. God bless our actors because this scene has been redrafted more than any other and there’s some heavy dialogue.

I’ll be interested in your take on it…if you can guess which one it is!