Original Play Origin: ‘A Man with No Opinion’


I am thrilled that Theatre Nebula chose to produce my play A Man With No Opinion. I created the show back in 2006 and it had successful staged readings at Harper College back in 2007. During three staged readings done over the course of three days, I received a lot of amazing feedback from the audiences (who were asked to fill out questionnaires after the show). From those readings, the play had gone through numerous surgeries and face lifts to get it to where the show is today.

Interestingly enough, the farce was originally called “The Dog Park” and that title stayed the same for seven years. However, the title of the show always bugged me a bit and I had no clue what I could or would change it to. On the way home from the auditions this January 2014, the new title A Man With No Opinion popped into my head and I immediately called producer, Jeff Greene, with the exciting news. I’m surprised this title never popped into my head because the phrase “a man with no opinion” is used several times throughout the play. Once this title was set in place, I did a complete rewrite of the show that night and sent the new script very early that morning.

The farce will also be enhanced by the original incidental music that is being created by friend, Jeff Poindexter. I had worked with Jeff on a number of shows including: Scrooge: The Musical, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The Broadway Musical and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Kevin Wiczer
Playwright & Director of A Man with No Opinion