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Category Archives: News Updates

Congrats to Fellow Theatre Nebulites on Jeff Award Nominations!

2013 Jeff Nominations [Colette & Tom]

Theatre Nebula would like to give heartfelt congratulations to Colette Todd and Tom Vendafreddo on their recent 2012-2013 Non-Equity Joseph Jefferson Award Nominations.  Colette is nominated as Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Musical, for her superb work as Giulietta Trapani in the Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre‘s production of Aspects of Love.  Tom is nominated for his wonderful work in the Best Musical Direction category for Bohemian Theatre Ensemble‘s production of  The Spitfire Grill.

STN Blog #12: Never a Deadline.

Featured STN Update - 003

I wrote last Friday that I would have a re-draft completed by Monday. That didn’t happen. In fact, nine days later, I’m through the first Act. Most of the tweeks have to do with the dialogue of the “heavier” scenes, trying to strike a balance between the action and doing it in a way that hasn’t been seen before. I’m feeling good about it. STN is really starting to tighten up.

Something that’s been a hard lesson learned (and re-learned) is that my creativity and creative works come when they’re ready. And not a minute before. As much as I worry about my ever-upward age and the window of time I have to contribute, I can write (mostly) only when I’m in a zone for it (and in between being a husband, father, full-time psychologist, and relaxation). The words almost have to be busting at my mental-seams before they can be transcribed. This makes for less prolific output, but hopefully improves the quality of what manages to get out.

Diving Into the Rehearsal Process

#ScaringNormals | Rehearsal Begins

Two rehearsals in and things are beginning to click!

The cast is up on their feet and working with director Kristen Foley in the process of bringing their original piece to life for the first time.  Playwright Christopher Bibby provided new pages for the cast to apply to their scripts following last week’s read-through.  The timing is everything and Foley takes a playful approach creating a fun and safe environment for the cast to bring their ideas to the stage.

‘Scaring the Normals’ Enters Into Production

#ScaringNormals | Cast Read-Thru

Last night (03.25.13), nearly the entire cast and crew of Theatre Nebula’s next production participated in the first read-through of the script at the Cutting Hall Performing Arts Center in Palatine – which is also where the curtain will go up on this production.  Under the direction of Kristen Foley, the rehearsal process will involve working side-by-side with playwright Christopher Bibby.  “If you have any ideas or questions about your character along the way,” said Bibby before the read began, “feel free to pull me aside and let’s talk about it.”

The Magic of the ‘Life and Adventures of Santa Claus’

The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus (2011)

Theater Nebula puts up a limited performance run of the holiday-themed production, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus every year at the Palatine Park District‘s own Cutting Hall Performing Arts Center (150 East Wood Street).  Based on the novel by Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum, the stage adaptation (by Chicago playwright Nick Izzo) features fantastical characters set in a mystical world that’s fitting for the fun loving Santa Claus.

Theatre Nebula’s artistic director, J. Spencer Greene, said Palatine resident Izzo adapted the 1902 children’s book for the stage for that theatre’s cast members.  “It features everything from stylized costumes and set designs to a sword fight,” Greene said. “Only Baum could have told Santa’s tale in such rich and imaginative detail.”

Hilarity Ensues in Threes with ‘Shakespeare [Abridged]‘

Jonathan C. Legat in Theatre Nebula's 2012 production of 'THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE [ABRIDGED]'.

Last Spring, Jonathan C. Legat returned to the stage in the Reduced Shakespeare Company‘s critically-acclaimed show, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Abridged].  Back in 2007, Legat performed in the show along with actors Marc Muszynski and Jared Winkler. In May of 2012, actors Patrick Pantelis and Patrick Naugle joined Legat to present the most ridiculous version of this production yet.

Leading up to opening night, the production released some pretty silly promotional spots on YouTube.  These spots were originally posted on the Cutting Hall Performing Arts Center‘s YouTube and have since been released on Theatre Nebula’s brand new channel.  Check out photos from the show in our photo gallery!

Welcome to the New TheatreNebula.org!

Theatre Nebula [Logo]

Welcome to the redesigned Theatre Nebula website!  We’re pleased to present this new layout with a number of  new and exciting features.  Some of those features include our Production Blog where directors, writers, actors and designers can share their experiences during the course of production, an extensive Photo Gallery from past shows, a Backstage Tour that allows you to check out the set construction process, plus quick links to our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube).

As we begin rehearsals for our next production, Scaring the Normals (opening June 1, 2013), remember to stop by our site to check out all the fun, new features.  We’ll be sharing updates via social media as well, so keep an eye out for photos, videos and more!