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Category Archives: Production Blog

STN Blog #8: Cast Up Closest-ly-ing

Kathy Conick [Pic]Our dear Producer, Katherine Conick, is playing SHANSNA. Katherine is bringing her production, costume, prop and acting skills to STN. She’s working hard to make sure production values are high and that people are having a good time.

My lovely wife, Tiffany Bibby, is playing MOM. Acting pushes Tiff outside her comfort zone, but she was kind enough to indulge me. She is also coordinating costumes and keeping things together at home while Daddy is at the theatre. She is my angel, the woman I didn’t know was in my future when I wrote about IAN.

STN Blog #7: Cast Up Closest-ly

540416_10151152695105213_618870898_nThe delightful Priya Mohanty is playing RETTA. STN is Priya’s first acting gig ever! But you wouldn’t know it from her audition. She did it and the callbacks like a pro, bringing spontaneity to a character that wrecks havoc in IAN’s life. I’m thrilled to have Priya on board for her first (but certainly not her last) production.

The talented Lori Nancarrow Rohr is playing ALICE. My first memory of Lori was her generosity at auditions for “The Man Who Came to Dinner” (Theatre Nebula, 2009; Dir. Jeff Greene). We didn’t know each other, but she let me carry her over my shoulder onto stage.

STN Blog #6: Saying Something or Nothing At All

Blog STN Update - 001

So, I redrafted yet again after listening to the first read through. Not too much this time, some refining, a little fleshing out of one character’s scenes so she has more depth and impact. There will be more in the week ahead.

As I look over the latest draft of STN, a mix of conflicting thoughts flood into my head. There are a lot of balancing acts:

1. The story. I want to tell a personal story, but one that isn’t too idiosyncratic as to be foreign to anyone except me. Hopefully, the adventure will speak to you.

STN Writer’s Blog #5: Cast Up Closest

Laura Williams [Headshot]Laura Williams is playing CLAIRE, the student intern who lets her anxiety drive her. CLAIRE’s that over-anxious student I was in grad school who takes things way too seriously. Laura gets to play in one of my favorites scenes, and I’m looking forward to see her energy and enthusiasm bring it to life.

STN Writer’s Blog #4: Cast Up Closer

384049_2227995310488_174953407_nThe lovely DoMonique Goens is playing LINDA. DoMonique gave a great audition and has an impressive resume. She seems to be one of those actresses who brings a lot of her own ideas to the table. I truly enjoy people who bring characters to life with fresh ideas and bold choices.

Another audition surprise was Joe Quinn. He nailed CURT, the burnt-out psychologist who should have retired with Guess Jeans. This is such an ironic and fun part (CURT’s so mean!). Joe brings that Jack Nicholson grizzle mixed with his own unique, sardonic flavor. And boy, he showed us how to do a call-back: came prepared and did different characters for several roles. He sold us and deservedly got the part. Joe’s a’gonna make you laugh.

STN Writer’s Blog #3: Cast Up Close

Christopher T. Pantelis [Bob]Karen Neidlinger is playing ELISE, our off-the-grid yoga instructor. ELISE enjoys rocking all boats for reasons of her own and takes particular pleasure in messing with IAN’s tidy life.

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Karen in Noises Off (2009, Greenroom Theatre; Dir. Martine Hunter; Ass. Dir. Taylor Kras). Karen has everything you would want in an ingénue: comic timing, beauty, and an authenticity you can feel. I could be wrong, but I think this play is a little different from what she’s done before, and I’m excited to see her stretch.

STN Writer’s Blog #2: The Cast

Check out the terrific cast of Scaring the Normals:

ELISE WILSON                         Karen Neidlinger

LINDA                                          DoMonique Goens

DR. CURT TREVORS               Joe Quinn

JACK GERDO                             Michael Noens

DR. ALICE WOODS                 Lori Rohr

RETTA                                          Priya Mohanty

STN Writer’s Blog #1: The Read Through

Tonight was our first read through with our amazing cast. I saw chemistry that is going to be fun to watch grow over the next two months. It was fun to see brothers Pat and Chris Pantelis interacting as co-therapists. Can’t wait to see them wrestling on the floor! Our ingénue, Karen Neidlinger, was sick with the flu, and Terese Dean-Myrda kindly sat in for her.

Hearing the play was both exciting and humbling. There were moments when I thought, “Ouch! Too obvious,” or “That joke SO worked in my head.” There is polishing to be done before we open June 1. Stay tuned…